Largest healthcare staffing company in the Nordic region




New opportunities, the same security

Dedicare is the largest staffing company in healthcare, life science and social work in the Nordic region

Balance in life

As a consultant at Dedicare, you have more freedom to choose where, when and how much you want to work. Do you have kids every other week? Work less every other week. A sustainable balance between working hours and leisure time gives you more time for things such as family, interests and personal development. We believe that this leads to better, more sustainable care and social care.

New career opportunities

A career in healthcare or social work should offer the same opportunities for variation and development as in other industries. With clients all over the Nordic region, we can offer you, as a consultant, exciting and developing assignments where you have the opportunity to develop your skills and grow in your profession.

Safe and accessible

With us you do not have to choose between flexibility and security. We are convinced that a rewarding career in healthcare or social work should offer both. Therefore, all our consultants receive collective agreements, occupational pensions and, in many cases, compensation for housing and travel. We always have many assignments to offer you, so feel safe that we’ll find your exact job when you want it.

Responsibility for care

By offering more development opportunities, we help less people to seek career and skills development elsewhere. This leads to more available and competent doctors, nurses, social workers, and managers. By helping caregivers and social work organizations to meet their resource and competence requirements, we contribute to better, more equal care and social care for all.