About us

Dedicare is one of the Nordic region’s largest staffing companies in health care and social work.

More opportunities, the same security

At Dedicare, we are passionate about adding expertise to care and social work. Our consultants are offered more opportunities with the same security – that is how we help more people who want to continue to work and develop within their profession. We take responsibility for solving our customers’ resource and competence challenges. The effect of what we do creates a safer and more accessible health care and social care for everyone.

Flexibility and security for our consultants

We represent nurses, doctors, social workers and managers in health and social work throughout the Nordic region. As a consultant at Dedicare, you do not have to choose between flexibility and security. We are convinced that a rewarding career in health care or social work should offer both. Therefore, all our consultants receive collective agreements, occupational pensions and, in many cases, compensation for housing and travel.

Responsibility for care and social work

We help to take responsibility for health care and social work by providing private and public businesses with everything from individual day-to-day substitutes to total staffing of entire departments, units or operations teams. We help hospitals, other care providers and social work organizations to meet high resource and competence requirements, and thus contribute to better, more equal healthcare and social care for all.

Our history and future

We have worked for over 20 years to meet the resource and competence needs in health care and social work where today, we offer a reliable and high quality solution. Based in Stockholm, Dedicare has offices in several locations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. We see Europe as our future market with a vision to grow into one of Europe’s leading staffing companies in healthcare and social work.