The work of the board

The board’s responsibilities and working methods

The board is appointed annually by the general meeting shareholders until the end of the next Annual General Meeting. The board is responsible for the company’s organization and management and continuously assesses the Group’s financial situation and evaluates the operational management. For its work, the board has adopted a written rules of procedure which, among other things, regulate the number of board meetings, the matters to be submitted to the board and the tasks of the Chairman. The work of the board is also regulated by, among other things, applicable regulations in the Companies Act and the Code.

Composition of the board

You can see the composition of the board here


The board is responsible for remuneration and audit matters, and thus Dedicare has not appointed a separate remuneration or audit committee. In view of the number of members of the Board of Directors, the size of the company and the fact that all members are independent in relation to the company and the company management, the Board of Directors considers this to be an effective work in handling remuneration and audit matters. The issue of appointing committees is examined each year in conjunction with the election of the Board of Directors.