Dedicare, a successful staffing company, founded in 1996.

Dedicare Staffing

Dedicare is an authorized staffing company with principal activities in the field of the temporary staffing of doctors, nurses, social workers and teaching professionals. The company operates in Sweden and Norway, has 77 employees in the administration and sales division, and in 2017 provided a total of 555 doctors, nurses, social workers and teaching professionals In Sweden, Dedicare, according to the company’s assessment, is the largest staffing agency when it comes to providing social workers, and among the largest providing nurses and doctors. In Norway, Dedicare is one of the two largest staffing companies. Among the customers are all 20 county councils and regions of Sweden, the 4 regional health authorities in Norway, and more than 150 municipalities throughout Sweden and Norway, as well as private companies.

Dedicare’s class B share was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in May 2011.