Dedicare and SAS in cooperation to fix problem in the health care system

The new reality, of which the Corona-pandemic causes, has in a dramatic sense changed our labour market. The demand within certain industrial areas increases explosively, while the demand in other industrial areas have vanished in just a matter of a couple of weeks. Dedicare has in this connection initiated a collaboration with SAS. Many of the SAS employees who have been laid-off have an education or work experience within the health care system. This means that the employees with now would be able to work in hospitals, health centres or service housing, where the need for personnel is greater than ever before.

“To make the best of a situation, where many employees need work assignments and have been laid-off for a short period of time, and while there is a troubling shortage of resources in other parts of society, SAS wishes to actively create social benefits by contributing solutions. SAS has well-trained personnel who are well prepared to meet unexpected and challenging situations calmly and methodically together with a very high service level, and at all times with safety as the number one priority. In times of crisis and great stress, these qualities can be used in many parts of society” says Karin Nyman, Vice President Brand and Communications at SAS.

“In the recruitment and staffing industry within health care and social work, Dedicare is the largest company within The Nordic Countries. Our clients need help with both short term and long-term positions in the Nordic Countries to secure high quality and availability within the health care system. We are able to allocate the help immediately to where it is needed to most” says Krister Widström, CEO at Dedicare.

About Dedicare
Dedicare is The Nordic Countries biggest company within the recruitment and staffing within the health care and social work industry with offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. Dedicare recruits and staffs doctors, nurses, social workers and pedagogues for clients in both private companies as well as public companies. The company has been up and running since 1996, is listed at Nasdaq Stockholm since May 2011, and has a turnover of approximately 800 million Swedish Kroner with approximately 630 employees. Dedicare continuously works with competence development, where environment and quality are the keywords. Dedicare is quality-certified with ISO 9001:2015, and the environmental certification with ISO 12001:2015.

For more information, please contact:
Krister Widström, CEO
Tel: +46 070-526 79 91