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Welcome to Dedicare International, where we blend the excitement of global exploration with the fulfillment of providing exceptional healthcare. 
Dedicare International is a cross border staffing concept recruiting Scandinavian healthcare staff on long term staffing solutions and fixed contracts to English speaking countries.

Today Dedicare in general is the largest provider of doctors, nurses, social workers, care workers (and more) in the Nordic region. We aim to deliver high quality and service to our customers and at the same time give our healthcare staff the security they need when working international – and of course an adventure.


  • New Zealand
  • Falkland Islands
  • Ireland
  • UK
  • St. Helena
  • Gibraltar

Job Description: Seeking healthcare professionals with a passion for adventure! At Dedicare International, you'll find yourself at the intersection of travel and compassion, making a meaningful impact on patients' lives across borders. Embrace the opportunity to blend your clinical expertise with cultural immersion in a dynamic and rewarding career.


  • Execute clinical duties with precision and empathy, adhering to industry standards and best practices.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with fellow healthcare professionals to deliver comprehensive care.
  • Mentor and educate colleagues, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.
  • Engage in ongoing professional development to refine and expand your skill set.


  • Hold relevant healthcare credentials and licensure, with a commitment to excellence in practice.
  • Exhibit exceptional communication and teamwork abilities, essential for effective patient care.
  • Demonstrate adaptability and cultural sensitivity in diverse healthcare environments.
  • Fluent in English
  • Proficiency in additional languages is always a good qualification 

We Offer:

  • An enriching career experience that combines professional growth with worldly adventure.
  • Assistance with visa applications and specialization approvals, ensuring a smooth transition to your destination of choice
  • Comprehensive support for social rights, pension benefits and other benifits 
  • Long term fixed contracts. Minimum 6 months upto 2 years 
  • Competitive compensation
  • A supportive network of colleagues and mentors dedicated to your success.
  • The chance to be part of a global movement, advancing healthcare accessibility and excellence worldwide.

Application Process: Eager to embark on this journey? Submit your resume and cover letter to 
We will then contact you to schedule an interview if you match one of our projects. 

Join Dedicare International in shaping the future of global healthcare delivery!



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